Welcome to the World of ROMEO Athleticx

Romeo Athleticx is a Barcelona-based brand of aesthetic technical performance eyewear. The brand's concept revolves around crafting unique pieces to help athletes perform. United by our shared passion and dedication to outdoor sports, we defy limitations imposed by speed, ambition, identity, or origin. We represent a diverse global community of everyday champions embracing the exhilarating challenge of pursuing our athletic endeavors with dedication and joy.

The meaning of "ME"

The only competition is against ME, myself and I. There's no others in this field. Body & Mind together fighting on surpassing yesterday's limits, striving for personal bests with dedication. It's a journey of self-improvement, pushing past comfort zones to reach goals and unleash full potential.


Focus on your movement

Engineered to excel in all conditions for the most ambitious athletes

Because sporty journeys make everything better and are best celebrated when shared with others

Mastering aesthetic and technical detail we strike our own precise balance to enhance performance, style, durability and fit