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ROMEO Athleticx



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Embark on a journey towards velocity with ROMEO "Space" sports sunglasses.

Crafted with the relentless pursuit of speed, "SPACE" embodies the essence of rapidity in every aspect. From the sleek contours to the innovative materials, every detail is meticulously engineered to propel you forward with unparalleled swiftness and agility. This is the ethos behind the "Space" model, designed to elevate your performance to new levels of swiftness and agility.

With its aerodynamic design and cutting-edge materials, "Space" is engineered to minimize wind resistance and maximize your potential in any field. Every detail, from the sleek frame to the precision lenses, is optimized for speed and precision.

With clarity of vision and unparalleled focus, you'll be able to make split-second decisions and outmaneuver your competition with ease. ROMEO "Space" is your ticket to the fast lane of success by empowering you to break through barriers and soar to new heights of success.

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Lightweight and durable eye protection, suitable for a range of adventuring conditions.


- Flexible
- Resistant
- Lightweight
- UV400 lens protection

Composition & Care

Frames: 100% TR90 (Thermoplastic material produced through Swiss technology. Glasses made with TR90 are incredibly flexible, durable, and lightweight).
Lenses: 100% PC (Polycarbonate is a near-unbreakable form of plastic that is thin, lightweight, offers built-in UV protection and is impact resistant).

What is in your order?

  • Eyeshades - Your partner for outdoor activities
  • Cleaning cloth - Get them brilliant
  • Pouch - Easy carry tiny bag
  • Case - Keep your treasure safe
  • Box - Your first magic experience

How long does my order take?

We work hard so you can have your order at home asap. Orders take approximately 24-48 working hours from when they leave the warehouse within the peninsula and 3-7 working days to the islands and the rest of Europe.